Ubuntu's Famous Jika-Majika Foot Gift Combo

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Treat your Dad, Hubby, mom, sister... you get it.... everyone in the family with our Famous Jika-Majika (Xhosa for "Dancing feet") Foot treatment!

In the all wrapped with a bow...lovely giftbox you can expect ....

Jolly-Good Jika-Majika foot salts- contains the magic crystals of the Israeli Dead Sea; course sea salt; Epsom salt; Pink Himalayan salts & Peppermint essential oils. The perfect remedy for tired; sore & sometimes smelly feet!

Jolly-Good Jika-Majika Foot cream -Super rich foot cream suitable for diabetics, super dry cracked heels & feet. Enriched with coconut butter & essential oils peppermint & lemongrass.

Zinc Starch & Boracic All purpose powder - for nappy rashes, athlete's feet; fungal infections, jock itch & to absorb mal-odour on feet. All natural powder with Zinc Oxide, Starch & Boracic.

Corn & Cal Balm- This balm is to treat corns & callouses causing discomfort and pain under the feet. Please not suitable for diabetics.

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