Ubuntu Jolly-Good Classic Cold cream-Makhulu's Way!

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Jolly-Good Classic cold cream is a brilliant face cream for skin damaged from sun exposure or dry skin due to the cold harsh winters. Its often prescribed for damaged skin due to overuse of steroid creams when a patient has eczema. Its natural oils assists to repair the skin and is an excellent moisturizer for a patient that needs a fragrance, chemical & preservative free product. Contains a perfect ratio of olive & castor oil, shea- butter & lavender.

If you ask your mother or grandmother about their go-to beauty product from back in the day, chances are you'll hear the words cold cream. It’s a mixture of water and oil and sometimes thickeners and beeswax are added to the formula.

Beyond moisturizer and makeup remover, cold creams can also be used as primers and moisturizing masks. They can also be used as lip moisturizers, body moisturizers, or shaving cream.

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