Frequently asked questions

Does this tool work in a hosted environment?

Every hosted environment is managed according to their own business model and as security and up-time are generally high on their list of priorities, they will likely require any software to be certified before they will allow it to be installed. A trial version is available for testing if needed ( https://leftbrainlogic.com/trial-download ). That said, all of our Excel Customizations will work in a hosted environment that meets the minimum system requirements, just make sure the tool is installed and running in the hosted environment and not the local desktop.

When trying to connect to QuickBooks, why do I receive a "COM" error indicating "Class not registered"?

The default version of the tool requires the 32-bit version of Excel. In most versions of Excel you can check your specific version by selecting "File", "Account", then select "About Excel". If you have the 64-bit version of Excel, please see the question below on "What is the status of a 64-bit version".

Why is a 32-bit version of Excel required?

The interface provided by Intuit to communicate with QuickBooks is a 32-bit program. This also requires that all software that uses this interface is also 32-bit. However, we've been working on a solution for 64-bit versions of Excel. Make sure to check out the "What is the status of a 64-bit version" question below!

What if I need to upload many Journal Entries at the same time?

The JE Entry Tool is desiged to upload a single journal entry at a time which is perfect for most uses; however, if you need a tool that can upload multiple journal entries in a single push, consider the "Pro" version of the tool. More information on that tool can be found here: https://www.leftbrainlogic.com/je-import-pro

What is the status of a 64-bit version?

We are excited to announce that as of October 2021, an early release version of the JEImport tool that works with 64-bit versions of Excel is now available! If you have purchased the 32-bit version and would like a copy of the 64-bit version, please contact us at https://www.leftbrainlogic.com/contact-us